Monday, 27 July 2009

First post

I hate a lot of things, I complain a lot, I think I can do better than everybody else and I hate when people criticize my opinion; this is why I am a dictator. On the other hand, I am modern in the sense that I love to share my ideas and listen to what people have to say about them in order to use this input and improve my thoughts. I also love listening to people's ideas which might inspire me to write something.

Thinking is like playing tennis; you say something, then (hope that) your interlocutor says something constructive back, in order to finally reach a thought.

This is how I do it, but often my friends' comments are (not so) kindly rejected because I see them as too pragmatic. I think that we have to start thinking in a non-conventional way in order to achieve something today.

I hope that you will enjoy this blog and long live the modern dictator.


  1. Wow I didn't know that you can write pretty well! With you Fadi it's always keep discovering!
    You know me usually i don't like to label myself as a follower but this time I m gonna make an exception :)

  2. It is so good to know that you HATE some things and you LOVE other. What I hate is that, in nowadays most people stay with average feelings about everything, you know : "I do not hate this or that but I can be bothered either".
    Furthermore, I was thinking about the "tennis" mentioned above and I realized that you and I have never played tennis but often ping pong and I am really glad about that. Smart, nasty, ironic, sarcastic, fast and funny talk where the our ideas are "closer" and "on a table" :-)
    Keep writing and keep challenging us!!
    P'S' Do not forget that we have to keep on our awrinks!!!