Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What is an awrink?

An awrink is an after work drink that you have with your colleagues or friends after work only.

After + Work + dRINK = awrink

It is most commonly used in a written form; by SMS or by e-mail, in order to abbreviate what could be an entire phrase. Example of e-mails:

- It's 2007, awrink still doesn't exist: "Hey Francis, how are you? You wanna have a few drinks at 6ish (say after work) at Cusco's?"

- It's 2009, awrink is now part of the common vocabulary: "Awrinks at Cusco's?"

The difference is clear. I have invented this word in order to be more efficient at work and spend less time writing private e-mails. Try to make it trendy because it significantly facilitate written communication.

Please note that if you are unemployed, you are unable to have awrinks. The people you are with at the bar may be having awrinks but you'd be having drinks.

You can also find an official definition of awrink in the urban dictionary:

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