Friday, 7 August 2009

Humans are terrible

Lately I realised that all of our problems come from the fact that humans are filthy, naughty little nasty bitches. I hate humans; we are the worst breed that this earth has ever known. We are:

- Greedy: this is our worst shortcoming. Everything revolves around having more money, more power, more things, more, more, and more. We kill, we lie, we steal, and we backstab people in the name of greed. We like profits, we love big numbers, we adore good figures, we worship money...we're just a bunch of greedy bastards. And now we have reached an irreversible state. We cannot not want money anymore and be hippies. Everything revolves around money; food, drinks, construction, development, etc. So it is understandable to be career oriented today because we have no choice. Money has become our only goal in life; unless we find an alternative which I think is literally impossible.

- Selfish: we only care about ourselves and about our well-being. If something horrible happens in another part of the world humans couldn't care less unless it affects them somehow.

- Opportunistic: very close to the previous point. We would only do something if there is an opportunity that comes out of it.

- Materialistic: as stated in the first point, we like material things. We are easily corrupted in exchange for cars, houses, money and power.

- Arrogant: the worst attitude ever. As if we were better than any other person on earth. If somebody's poorer than us, we despise him/her; if somebody's socially different then we think we're somehow superior.

- Racist, sexist and xenophobe: these words speak for themselves.

- Violent: even though every animal or society is violent to a certain extent, none have committed mass murder, genocide or thrown a nuclear bomb like us.

- Last but not least, DUMB: humans invent things to make their lives better but then become slaves of it. A few examples: money, religion, governments, leaders, economy, law, finance, etc. We are so unbelievably, incredibly and undeniably dumb.

Unlike animals, we don't have a lot of instincts but we have brains. Most of our decisions are made with our heads which explains why they are sometimes so terrible; whereas animals instinctively decide what to do and can therefore rarely go wrong. But does that excuse our reckless behaviour? I don't think so; we have to use our intelligence in a productive and collective way rather than in a greedy and selfish way. Sometimes we are worse than animals, even though we have the capacity to do better.

Say, if tigers in Asia are being hunted and threatened by humans, then the tigers in Africa don't do anything about it because they are not aware of it and also because they're animals and wouldn't think like us. But when other humans are being slaughtered in Darfur, we don't do much about it even though we are fully aware of it. Why? Because we are greedy, selfish, materialistic, racists and really dumb.

Yes, human kind has accomplished some great things in terms of development, innovation, art, medicine, etc. We can also love and do great things to each other but I don't think it's enough. I believe that we use all of our qualities on a small scale; i.e.: I'm very nice to my neighbour, friend or family - but use all of our shortcomings on a bigger scale; i.e.: slefishness, greediness, etc.

I'm sorry I don't see much good in human kind but I think our future is doomed. We are the worst breed ever and it is irreversible today. I hate all human beings (except my readers, you guys are cool).

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