Saturday, 8 August 2009

There has been blood

It all started with oil. A long time ago, before we discovered oil and its benefits we were living a pleasant life. Even though there was a lot of hard work in agriculture, it kept us busy the whole day and it fed our mouthes. We would procreate at a normal speed, consume reasonably our resources and grow sustainably with our environment.

Then we discover oil. Agriculture became motorized and industrialized. It is now an easy task and no more a burden. We had some more free time as work was done faster so we had to be creative to keep ourselves busy. This is when we created the artificial life we live in. We use enormous amounts of oil to create and maintain this luxury. And now we can't get enough of it. Big buildings, cars, fancy restaurant, partying, clothes, boats, tourism, electricity, air condition, heat, etc. We can no longer live without this materialistic life. Our predators and enemies are all gone thanks to oil, and we grow and grow and grow reaching an unbelievably large number of humans that life is no longer sustainable. It all started with oil.

Watch the movie Home, it is an amazing and breathtaking experience. But I don't agree with the end. They say that we should focus on developing renewable energy and become more environmentally friendly. But I'm afraid the problem lies far deeper than this shallow thought because it is not only the oil that is the problem today, it is what it turns into: energy. Energy gives us access to pleasure, time, an easier life; in other words we'd still be procreating a lot because it'd is still easier to live. We will stay far too many and we will keep consuming significant amounts of resources. So I don't think that Home sees the problem at the deepest level.

We need to get rid of that Joker that we discovered - oil - forget all the comfort that it provided us and stop trying to find it in other alternative more "eco-friendly" ways. We need to get back to the basics even though it is not only impossible, but unconceivable to all of us.

We abused our Joker. Now it's time to give it back. These are the rules!

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