Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cinematographic immunity

I wonder why people have sympathy for Roman Polanski. The guy's a rapist! Whoopi Goldberg says it was not a "rape-rape"...I mean yeah, i was only a "rape", so it's fine. Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and David Lynch signed a petition...a petition?!?!? Are you kidding me? You guys know how to work with the camera, so just stick to that.

Are Hollywood celebrities above the law? Sure they all take drugs, drink and drive, beat up some paparazzi, but that's Hollywood and it makes the news on E! for the bored housewives to have something to talk about. But rape?! This is just preposterous and way over the line. He fled the US after having spent 45 days in jail. He says that he suffered enough during the past 30 years. Yeah, I hear the French Riviera is such a terrible place. Plus all these awards and all the fame sure didn't make things easier.

So, it's not a "rape-rape", huh? Let's leave it justice and to that 13 year old girl's testimony:

He gave her champagne, instructed her into the Jacuzzi naked, joined into the Jacuzzi...naked as well, told her to come closer, she said no but he insisted. They got out of the Jacuzzi, gave her some drugs, took her into a room, got her naked - she was asking him to "keep away", kissed her - she said "no", licked her vagina - she said "don't", he penetrated her - but had the courtesy to ask if she was on the pill - since she wasn't he sodomised her, had an orgasm and then drove her back home as if nothing happened.

It's probably not a "rape-rape" because she didn't seem to have resisted, but what would you have done? You're 13, you're alone in a big house with an older guy trying to have sex with you, obviously not very sober and there's no where to hide..."I was afraid of him", she said. She actually was surprisingly mature for her age, because resisting and screaming would've made things worse. Instead she just stood there waiting for her worst nightmare to finish.

So Whoopi, go back to your cave and shut the fuck up. It's not because no one ever wanted to bang you in any of your holes that you can go around saying things like this. And Polanski, no matter how many people you touched with your movies, there's one person you shouldn't have touched. So go back to the US, go to jail and lubricate your anus!


  1. This is the BEST blog I have ever read. Really. I love this post. Can I post on my facebook page?

  2. Of course Woody Allen would sign a petition... the freak is married to his own daughter!