Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another consipracy theory...

Yes, us Lebanese love conspiracy theories. From the "September 11 was organised by the US government" to the "nobody walked on the moon, it was all shot in Hollywood", we love questioning everything (except our own leaders: THEY are SO honest). And I got a new one now: kids' toys.

What turns a normal country into a Great Nation? The two core requirements would be a strong economy and an impressive military. Probably other things as well like culture, but there are a lot of poor countries with great history, so no. Hence, governments try to brainwash us from our earliest age to grow up with a specific mindset, and I think it's a success. Let me explain in more details:

A country needs a strong economy in order to dominate the world and to do so it needs a big labour force and a large amount of consumers. Look at the US, they have 300 million inhabitants, hence 300 million consumers. When a guy opens Starbucks in Seattle and sees it's successful, then he has the possibility to open a shop in 50 other states where consumers think exactly the same that in his home state. Thus, after Starbucks became extremely successful in the US (and highly promoted in Hollywood movies) they had enough money to open new branches in almost every single country of the world.

The big local population is a strong asset for the US economy. They test their products locally, make huge profits and finally export it to the world. No other developed country has the same advantage. The EU tries to do so, but people are sometimes too different from a country to another. In a word, the more Americans there are, the better it is for the economy. So what's the government strategy? you wonder. Well look at some of the girls' toys: baby dolls that they can feed and cherish as if it were their own baby. They can also put them in a stroller and change their diapers: the government is turning the little innocent girls into mothers! Sure, all women feel the need to have babies at some point, but I wonder if they would have the same urgent need had they never played with a doll in their childhood. So, by doing that, the government keeps the population growth stable by having almost all women wanting to reproduce.

The second thing they do is to brainwash boys. They make them think ever since they're kids that they are warriors and soldiers and want to fight evil. I mean look at the toys a boy plays with when he's 5: G.I. Joe...?!? WTF? That is so wrong to let a boy to play with a soldier-doll that kills bad people...it kills other people!! This is to get more men into the army when they grow up and there are some guys who unintentionally feel the need to join the military to be like their childhood hero!

I mean look at this kid's playground in the 70's, isn't that shouting "we are the greatest nation in the world and we need to stay on top no matter what"...no, it doesn't shout that to you? Well maybe it's because you're already brainwashed and you can't tell the difference!

Anyway, this is all to say that you have to be careful with the toys your kids play with. The government is everywhere trying to brainwash your daughters and turn them into baby-producing machines and your boys into cold blooded soldiers. And don't get me started on the cartoons they watch! Please educate your kids away from all the clichés of "boys like blue, they like to fight and kill the bad man" and "girls like pink, they like baby dolls and to act as mommies". Don't let the government be in charge of your kids' education - it already does that at school and now it wants to control your kids at home. Be careful!

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