Thursday, 29 October 2009

Rot in hell Mickey Mouse

Polls are closed and the Moderndictatorians voted for Mickey Mouse.

Yes, 66% of them voted for Mickey Mouse when asked "Who would you rather kill if you had the chance", 27% would kill Mugabe, only 1% would kill Donald Rumsfeld and finally nobody voted for Oussama Bin Laden, making him the 2nd most loved person on this blog - right after me.

So I am sorry to announce that Mickey Mouse is now officially banned from The Modern Dictator (a.k.a. Moderndictatoria). He was judged to be a dangerous terrorist threatning the security of the blog. We shall no longer hear his dumbass laugh or his annoying-makes-me-wanna-cut-his-throat-and-remove-his-lungs voice.

Suck on that Mickey Mouse.

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