Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I wonder...

1) What would happen if Indians ate beef? One more billion people eating beef would be so disastrous to the environment, shouldn't we be thankful for Hinduism?

2) If heaven is so amazing, why don't all Christians kill themselves? - I know, there's a loophole, suicide is anti-christian. So why are christians so afraid of dying if heaven is so wonderful? Is it because deep down they know that it doesn't exist?

3) Why do humans enjoy the smell of their own fart?

4) Why are most of the major cities of the world built in a cold place? Why are most of the developed countries somewhere cold?

5) Does the christian white-American anti-arab housewife living in Kansas know that Jesus was an Arab?


  1. LOL I like your trip! What are you on?

  2. True... I really wonder what are you on...

  3. Indians eat beef. Just not hindus.

    Christians believe because it gives them hope.

    Smelling your own farts is a health assessment.

    It's easy to be productive when there's nothing else to do...also, you must be productive when it's cold and you need to act to protect yourself from it...

    Jesus is a fiction

  4. What I am on? Well, nothing really illegal in some countries ;-)