Monday, 11 January 2010

One night out in San Telmo

I went out for dinner in San Telmo, the Bohemian neighborhood of Buenos Aires. I was alone, which I hate, but I had no choice - the rest of the group got here today. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, the hostess at the restaurant gives me a sad face when I say "table for one", people around me were looking pitying me and the waiters kept asking me "shall we wait for the other person to order?".

But this didn't last long. Out of nowhere, people began dancing flamenco (not tango), then people started talking to me and giving me advice about where to go and what to do (and they advised me to get some friends too). The guy tried to introduce me to a random girl at the next table - turns out she is of Lebanese descent.

Jesus was watching.

The show was interrupted by a folkloric dance - still out of nowhere - but apparently very normal.

And right before heading home, I popped into a bar for a last drink - there was a band playing Queen. And the singer looked really, really odd.

I didn't spend one minute alone.

(Sherine desolé pour la qualité des photos)


  1. Harammm u went alone?? :)
    but Argentinans seem to be very nice ppl!