Monday, 8 February 2010

Flat hunting in Geneva v/s flat hunting in Lima

My friend and I have been looking for flats in Lima and in just two days we could have signed about 15 contracts.

My friend and I had been looking for flats in Geneva and in over six months we managed to sign one contract - that we got through a "friend" of ours.

There is a clear difference between acquiring a flat here in Peru compared to Switzerland. The strategy changes, the attitude changes and the superiority position shifts.

In Geneva:

- you have to act as if you love the place and as if this flat was your dream come true even if it's a shit hole (which is most likely the case)
- you have to be satisfied if you find a toilet with a mattress
- you never tell anyone of your friends there is a good opportunity, fearing s/he would get it first
- you kiss the ass of the landlord/lady, make small talk and pretend to be best friend with him/her to get the flat
- you are clearly inferior to all the real estate agencies (régies) and get treated like shit by them
- you pay a huge amount of money for a tiny and decayed apartment
- you have to be old, mature and with kids to be considered serious and thus eligible for a flat (also a fat paycheck usually helps)

In Lima:

- you have to act as if you hate the place to get a discount
- your standards become surprisingly high. Ours are now: ocean view, pool, terrace and modern design
- you kindly greet all the other potential owners because there is always a better flat around the corner
- the landlord/lady kisses your ass and makes small talk with you to try and sell you the place
- you are clearly superior to the real estate agencies
- you pay a tiny amount of money to get a grandiose flat
- you have to be young, foreigner and child-less to get a flat (because kids mess up the place)

I love the supply and demand law. So y'all get your asses back to your desks, work hard and keep increasing the supply on the markets. I may be wrong but I feel that when the power is in the hands of the consumer/demand, the markets operate in a more fair and equitable way.


  1. The last photo looks like it was taken in Beirut Corniche!
    Ocean view, Swimming pool, modern design...Living la vita bella on the other side of the globe ;)

  2. It's surprising how much that part of Lima is like Beirut, actually!

    Sounds like the modern dictator is a capitalist again...

  3. Welcome to the world of Capitalism :)