Sunday, 11 April 2010

Meet Goldie

Goldie represents all the dumb-ass, uncultured, uninterested, stupid tourist who goes on "cultural" tours just to take pictures but doesn't care about its historical content.

Goldie has a low IQ and knows almost nothing about history, archeology, art or any culture whatsoever.

Goldie likes to show the pictures to her friends and family to show-off, but can't explain what's actually on the photo.

You may have encountered Goldie on your holiday. She usually distinguish herself from the mass by making significant efforts to take the picture of a wall.

Sometimes, she has to try twice.

And maybe a third time, but from the other side. 

She heard this wall was important to the Incas - that's something she can tell her friends while showing them the pictures

Then, Goldie investigates the piece of art that the guide describes - without listening to him. Spotting the right angles requires a lot of mental effort - and let's not forget that Goldie has a low IQ, she can't do two things at once.

Once she finds it, she feels disconnected from the group and lets her imagination work with the camera.

She also holds the camera vertically - because that changes the dynamic of the picture.

Then, she focuses on the totally uninteresting paintings on the wall that the guide didn't even bother to explain - but Goldie loves culture and thinks it's important. So she starts clicking.

And she always has to have another shot with the camera held vertically - it REALLY changes everything.

And finally Goldie, away from the guide's explanation, takes the picture of a wall. An important Inca wall, yes, but just a wall if you don't really listen to its history. 

And this is just a guess; but here's how I imagine the pictures of Goldie actually ended up looking.

I would not want to be invited to look at her photos. Really.

So for all you Goldies out there, please stop taking pictures of walls, rocks or even books without knowing their meanings.

This is another Goldie on the same tour

This new wave of dumb tourists is really annoying. I don't mind dumb tourists as long as they stick to shopping centers and restaurants - but I do think an IQ test should be performed on some people before they sign up to a culturally-loaded tour.

PS: there is another post that I wrote yesterday if you scroll down a bit. It's about my trip to La Paz and Lake Titicaca.


  1. lol Fadi you made a good point here.

  2. Does always Goldie have to be Blondie???

  3. ca fait un bien fou de savoir ke pas tous le monde peu etre photographe! vive les Goldie!!!

  4. I think you kind of like Goldie...