Thursday, 24 June 2010

Yalla bye!

My adventure is about to end. I am leaving South America tomorrow after 6 months spent here and heading back to the northern hemisphere.

I have achieved a lot and I am sure that if Peru could speak, it would thank me for all my work. I have helped poor people enter the vicious and endless circle of debt leading to suicide, hence reducing poverty significantly, wait...that doesn't sound right. I'm not sure what I did here, but I got my picture taken with poor kids just like Hollywood stars and these boys will remember me forever (not the same way boys remember Michael Jackson though).

What will I miss and what will I not miss from Peru?

I will miss:

- Food (Ceviche, Lomo saltado, the enormous corn, Tacu Tacu, Sushi)
- Inca Kola
- Pisco Sour / Maracuya Sour
- The Andezon
- The people
- Central Lima
- The small, dodgy and probably dirty chinese restaurant in China Town
- 24 hour supermarkets
- Cheap and good value for everything
- The night life
- The ocean
- Llamas and Alpacas
- Loki Hostel in Mancora
- Being the best looking guy around
- Being the center of attention
- Being taller than the country's average
- Being offered brides by salespeople, taxi drivers, etc.

I will not miss:

- Innefficiency
- Unreliability
- Unpunctuality
- Incompetence
- Working in this environment
- Traffic
- Noise
- Bad drivers
- Street vendors
- Any type of salesperson
- Talking about Peruvian food ALL the time
- The excessive pride of the Peruvians
- Feeling relatively unsafe
- Hearing about murders EVERY SINGLE day on the news
- Untrustworthy people
- People trying to rip me off constantly
- Poor people
- Being confused for an Israeli
- And ABOVE ALL: Lima's horrible, unbearable, grey, unpleasant and humid winter

I don't know why, but I feel that I will come back here soon.

 It has been awesome here, now it's "back to reality" time.

Good bye Peru, It has been great meeting you.


  1. Yalla Couz we r waiting you here in Lebanon!

  2. don't forget what you said ...BE STYLISH WHEN YOU ARRIVE ;))))

  3. "probably dirty chinese restaurant"? How did you arrive at the probability?

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  5. The 19 things you won't miss at Peru are the exact same ones you won't miss at Beirut.
    (I don't know what happened before, why did the post get cancelled........)