Thursday, 28 October 2010

A blast from the past

The 80's are making their comeback rather fiercely in our modern societies. We seem to be lacking the imagination of creating a new 21st century style so we go back in time.

Or maybe it is because we think that the 80's were indeed quite cool and we can "revisit" them with a modern 21st century twist to make them even cooler.

The website Look At This Fucking Hipster, aka "latfh" shows pictures of "hipsters", people with a rather interesting fashion sense highly inspired by the 80's - Like this guy:

I took this photo myself when I was in Peru visiting the Machu Picchu. The guy's from Australia and he was the official AHASA (Australian Hipsters' Ambassador in South America). A French friend of mine calls them "les Bobos" which means Bourgeois Bohème - in other words "rich white kids who pretend to be hippies". I told him that at least they elevated the style to a whole new level making it cool and especially clean. Anyway, frenchies just like to complain all the time, they'll start a protest about it soon.

Below is a video making fun of hipsters around the world calling them Dickheads - the clip is full of images that you can find on

Hipsters are also invadind Switzerland. And because it's a rich place, they don't do it lightly. Yesterday, as I was walking around in Geneva, I saw this car. I mean it screams 80's all over the place, right?

The 80's are officially back. Go get yourself a pair empty frames, tight jeans, a colorful sweater and a ridiculous haircut (or a hat). Now, that's an order.

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  1. it has been 3 years and more that the 80' s are back and i' m not sure it's gone dye soon, it has been from the beginning of the 21st century that they are repeating all the fashion history...lack of imagination...not sure, the trend is to digest 20 th century's fashion perhaps...