Friday, 8 October 2010

Sweet and particularly Sour

It has been brought to my attention by a dear friend of mine that the Modern Dictator blog is blocked in China.

I found this extremely preposterous and can't help but feel totally sad about all these chinese people being deprived of the great content of this blog.

I'm not sure what I did to upset Beijing (or maybe all blogspots are blocked in China - but I like to think it's only me) but whatever it is I don't apologize - because when you're censored, it means that you're doing something right. So technically I am happy that somebody is censoring me (considering that Blogspot prohibits me to put ads on my blog due to its unfit content).

So Fuck China.

Free Tibet.

Free Taiwan (actually, did you know that Paraguay is one of the few countries in the world recognising Taiwan as an independent state, which means that Beijing and Asuncion don't have the best diplomatic relations).

Stop pretending to be communists.  

I prefer Hollywood to Hong Kong cinema.

But I admire your one-child policy. The result of it is actually estimated at about 400'000 less Chinese people. It's not that bad considering that overpopulation is a serious problem today.

I have to admit that I love Chinese food. But fuck you still, you don't block me!


  1. Mmmmm always wondered how come I never got visitors from China... but got from Aruba...

    Free Tibet !

  2. Oh my God, I feel like Liu Xiaobo (new nobel peace prize winner in jail because of his anti-government views in China).

    China hates us both...but at least i'm free! I win.

  3. Very soon, China will rule the world... you'll regret it!
    Maybe then, you'll actually feel like Liu Xiaobo...