Monday, 21 September 2009

A little crazy thought

World peace, wow…great concept, I love it, but who doesn't? Miss USA certainly does. If we want to reach world peace that means no wars, no conflicts, no weapons, no ownership, no religion, no values, etc. That's a lot to give up. There are many conflicts today occuring around the globe, but the most famous of course is the Middle Eastern one. I always wondered what could be the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – and the best idea my friend and I came up with was that both parties need the same enemy so that they form an alliance together.

Say, the whole world (even the US) threatens to attach Israel and Palestine and they have no other ally on Earth. What would they do? Keep fighting each other or get along in order to form a stronger defence? They will also automatically bond because they are facing the same problem. It is the classic technique used by some militaries around the world. The high-ranked soldiers are extremely strict, harsh and cruel to all the recruits in order to create a special bond among them based on the hatred of their superiors.

Cool, so let's use this strategy among all of us in this world. Easy, done, let's do it. But how? We need a common enemy…so common that even the US and Iran will have to cooperate, hmmm…alien attack? Or…I got it…the ENVIRONMENT. We are all threatened by climate change: hotter summers, colder winters, ice melting, rising sea levels, bad agricultural production, etc. But we keep thinking "technology will get us out of this mess, we went to the moon and invented the iPod…we'll certainly find a way out". Truth is that we probably won't unless we act more responsibly now (or decide to move to the moon).

The environment itself is not a threat, the worsening environmental situation is. Europeans, Indians, Americans, Arabs, Africans, etc. all face the same problem and we need to fight it all together now. Not with weapons and force, instead we should save our money, energy and time in order to find new sustainable solutions. Let's face it, we won't get back to the Stone Age, so let's use the money we usually allocate to the military to develop some new green technologies and use our brains to figure out new sustainable economic models.

Here's a crazy thought; let's all make peace and forget about all the superficial crap that made us fight in the first place and fix the environment together. This way we could reach world peace and save the Earth at the same time! Come on leaders, you know I'm right – so stop screwing around with your little games and start being responsible for a better future.


  1. In other words: Heal the world, make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race.

  2. Yes, it's me Fadi. You write very well.

    How old are you?

  3. I am 12. Is that too old for you? I can try to look younger.