Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cum wisely

The world's population is growing every day. It is expected that by 2050, planet Earth will be hosting 3 billion new humans. This is not sustainable anymore - there won't be enough space for all of us. Where will we put them? Moreover, the natural resources are declining while our population is increasing - you do the math. Isn't that alarming?

The case of Rwanda is quite a perfect small scale example of what could happen on Earth. The genocide that occured in the early 1990's is not only due to ethic issues between Hutus and Tutsis. As it is well described in the book Collapse (from Jared Diamond), Rwanda was and still is one of the most densly populated countries in the world. Land started getting rare and more young people stayed home with their parents because there were no available farm for them to buy. So population increased on family farms while its agricultural capacity remained unchanged. Hence, it is extremely sad to admit that the genocide was a natural step in trying to reduce the population. Because if you read closely the statistics of the massacres that happened, you will see that a lot of inner-tribe murders happened due to land issues. I am not saying that lack of land is the main reason behind the genocide, but it certainly has its role.

So, let's REDUCE THIS BLOODY POPULATION on Earth. Here are my tips:

- encourage adoption (gay or straight) so that people take the kids that are already available
- talk more openly about homosexuality and let it be more accepted socialy. This way, more people will be gay and hence less kids are born
- more tolerance and acceptance towards different types of contraceptives. Maybe new birth control techniques
- legalise abortions EVERYWHERE. If the girl doesn't want it, don't force her!
- more education in schools and global awerness about overpopulation risks
- a better sex education in each and every school
- give monetized incentives or some sort of advantage to households with zero or one child (BUT, no disadvantages for people with two kids or more - respect people's choices)
- ask Hollywood to make babies look less cute in their movies. Instead they should appear as a burden
- more vasectomies for men
- increase taxes on all baby products (clothes, food, accessories, etc.)
- leave religion out of social life. If necessary, BAN religions
- use tax money for useful scientific research, not for Alzheimer or other deseases allowing old people to live longer
- live fast and die young. This way there is NO NEED to stay alive at 70!
- promote and invent different cumming techniques outside the vagina

I guess that's it. Any of you guys have further ideas? Please, start applying these techniques and ideas now and let it be the general trend. We need to be less populated or we'll end up killing each other over the little resources that are left.

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  1. Maybe emphasizing the fact that everybody should have a great body (even MORE than today), and having too many kids is a bad way to stay in shape. Women are gullible when it comes to that.