Monday, 28 September 2009

Stupid world!

God, I'm so bored today, World! There's nothing happening in you. No interesting news, no fun facts, nothing new or weird, no discoveries....Damn it World, I spend my days defending you - I tell people to be more environmentally friendly, I talk about everything that goes wrong in you hoping that people will read it and react, I spend my days talking about the injustice happening in you, I order people to stop making babies to reduce your population...and what do I get in return: NOTHING! It's your fault that I am not inspired today!

Man, it's been such a bloody boring day. It's as if Monday September 28th was just another useless day where people just did their thing. Waiters were probably being rude to their customers, bankers stealing from their clients, politicians winning elections, the sky is blue, and the weather's nice…ARGHHH, boriiiiing. Even the stock market isn't doing anything!!

If you don't do ANYTHING, then how am I supposed to complain? How am I supposed to hate things? How am I supposed to criticise you? You could've just jumped from Sunday to Tuesday directly because today was absolutely unproductive and unnecessary.

Next time, don't bore me World or I'll destroy you! Keep me entertained.


  1. Cue a hurricane in Servette...

  2. That's Switzerland's syndrome. Quick! Save your life and go back to Lebanon where you have always tons to complain about.