Friday, 30 October 2009

Get your ass moving you lazy people

People can sometimes be astonishingly lazy - and I probably am not an exception. The most flagrant example is the use of the escalators in our modern societies. It is probably one of Man's best invention (along with the dishwasher) and it is now an indispensable gadget to urban survival. You can now find escalators in every single country. In Syria, some people still find it difficult to use them, and my friends and I had the chance to witness some women being very hesitant and scared to use this machine. They stand there waiting for the perfect stair to step on while grabbing their friend's arm for support.

And here is the result of our laziness - picture from FailBlog:

And here is a very clever solution that some Swedish guys found. It's part of their FunTheory. It's very simple, we could use fun as an incentive to get humans to do things!


  1. after reading this post...i spent like 2hours at ...lool

  2. But this still is your favourite blog right?! ;-)