Monday, 2 November 2009

Boredom: a good catalyst

Being bored is such an amazing thing. We get to have time to ourselves and look really deep into our brain to find something to do. And at the end we find the motivation to do things we usually wouldn't do: clean up, iron, read, watch a movie, write, paint and explore new things. Boredom is a great catalyst that encourages us to be more dynamic (unless you chose to sleep and relax, which is also a very good use of your time).

Some people, however, seem to be really bored around the globe and the outcome of their extreme boredom is affecting the rest of human kind with embarrassment. These kind of people wake up one boring day and say "hmm, what dumbass thing could I do to be remembered"

- World's largest Kebbeh (Lebanon)

- World's largest Tiramisu (France)

- World's largest Hummus and Tabbouleh (Lebanon)

- World's largest meatball (USA)

I say, let people get more and more bored around the world as some amazingly stupid wonders emerge from our brain. Think about it, when you're bored you have a lot of time available so you can think way harder than you usually would. Moreover, you have nothing to lose, if your thinking failed then you didn't miss out on anything - thus you could try to be really crazy with your experiences and discoveries.
So maybe one day the really smart people of this world get really bored all together and find amazing solutions to our problems: war, hunger, religion, climate change, etc.
Boredom rocks. Don't take it for granted.


  1. and what is the issue of Lebanese now with the World Largest Obsession. I mean we have much stuff going on to keep us busy rather than bored!

  2. Well, this can tell you only one thing: Lebanese politics are now officially boring even for the Lebanese people.