Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Provoke me!

On Halloween, people dress up as cowboys, witches, little native-Indian girls, police officers, priests, etc. These are all very nice costumes…if you are 5! How about making that brain of yours work and come up with some creative idea. It's not just about going to the shop and buying some accessories; you have to invest time and brain cells in your costume.

Where are all the trashy costumes of S&M adepts, dominatrix or human condoms? No costumes stroke me as daring this Saturday! I mean I was dressed as a Scotsman for the party, but I'm not a costume guy – I don't like to hide my looks (oh, and NOBODY even asked if I was wearing any underwear. Genevans are so not fun).

Sure, there are some taboo costumes like dressing up as Hitler, which is understandable - but this weekend I saw that guy:

This is just BRILLIANT. A handicapped retarded guy! I mean this is so provoking, daring and nasty. It is pure genius.

There was a costume contest at that Halloween party and this guy did not even get short-listed with the finalists. The only explanation I can come up with is that the organisers found him a bit "too cruel".

The guy hosting the contest probably works for the stupid UN (it was a Geneva party, so there were a lot of useless UN diplomats) and probably judged this guy's costume to be too politically incorrect. Instead we had Batman, the Joker and other shit costumes up there.

People need to be more provocative these days because we are falling in this mainstream, money-oriented, iPhone-oriented society and it sucks.


  1. Political correctness will kill us. Well, cripple us

  2. Knowing now how you feel, i m very greatful you came to my birthday as a Fashion Police and not as a Human Condom. My dad might have asked questions :-)