Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The only h2o I approve of

Sunday, I wrote about the "trendy, luxury, designer water" which is absolutely ridiculous. Some people would pay enormous amount of money to get this "stylish" water. But as I was surfing the web today, I found this eco-friendly "h2o" starting in the US: h2O, saving the planet one drink at a time.

The idea is to use paper carton for the packaging as it is more easily recyclable than plastic and actually re-usable (when you recycle PET, the output is more often used as polyester fibres, polyester sheets and strapping - less often as plastic bottles). Paper is re-used as paper and the packaging of this h2o comes partially from recycled paper - and for the rest of it, the paper comes from responsibly-managed forests, so it's all sustainable.

I think big water companies such as Evian should follow this example and lead the way so that other companies start replicating.
Plus, as for the TetraPack, you save space in your recycling bin with these bottles:

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