Monday, 28 December 2009

Another environmental post. READ IT

I will make this post short, as I have been told many times that some of my posts - when serious - are too long. So here you are you lazy bastards, I will sum up my thoughts.

Yesterday I finished reading Superfreakonomics, the sequel to the successfull Freakonomics. Before their latest book even came out, it got hit by criticism from all the environmental institutions on the planet. From Al Gore, to blogs, to news columns, etc. everybody agreed that it was a shit book because of its chapter 5 regarding global warming; which they call Global Cooling - reference to the 1970's scientists who thought the Earth was going to cool down.

7asslo (anyway), this opened my eyes to the fact that climate change is like another lobby or religion. When Dan Brown's DaVinci Code came out, the churches around the world condemned it because it could make people doubt about Christianity; and the same thing happened with Superfreakonomics. All the green groups condemned it fearing a surge in geoengineering lovers which means less money invested in green NGOs. And I was one of those "fuck them, the authors are these anti-climate change lobbyists guys as well" (because out of all things, I did want to create a religion called Earthism - long story, I won't bore you with that now) but after reading the book, you will notice that there's nothing wrong with the content. They suggest geoengineering to cool down the earth because let's face it, it will be hard for humans to reproduce and consume less; so they propose cheap and simple alternatives because WE ARE LAZY.
Nevertheless, the only thing I want to add to their thought is that we should not forget that we have to deplete our planet less: cutting less trees, mining less, using less oil, eating less meat, depleting less our oceans, etc. on top of geoengineering.

All this to say that even if climate change is a noble cause and no one can deny that human activity is responsible for it; we should be skeptical about how things are done. All these NGOs, organisations such as Greenpeace and other institutions that do the protests, or create Hopenhagen, 350, etc. are all good indeed but let's not be blinded by them. We have to be more pragmatic and take a step back before jumping into all these conclusions and start spending billions of euros which will mainly be attributed to these "green" organisations. Let's not have another lobby or religion control our lives. Whether you like it or not, it's ALL about money, even in this business, so yes we need to act fast, but what's more important is to do it well.

I know this contradicts my older post for Blog Action Day, which suggest that we should inflate the environmental numbers to further scare people and get things done faster - but one thing you should know about me, I change opinions and ideas very quickly...but always for the best.

I hope this post wasn't too long for your lazy brains.


  1. I loved the book as well. Twisted ideas!

  2. A lot of them are scared of geoengineering because they are not sure what the consequences are and don't know if it will work. Perhaps I'll blog about that. Anyways thanks for shortening the post :)