Friday, 4 December 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures

I always thought that all humans have a natural gift they can use in order to get what they want. For men, it's strength. We could intimidate people by beating the shit out them. Well obviously not me, I have something rare called a "brain" that I use to get what I want.

For the ladies, it's more about seduction and body language. They can use their charms to get what they want. Act sexy, gently caress a man (or a lesbian) and whisper something hot in their ear. Of course this gift is limited to hot women - the bad or average-looking ladies who try hard end up being rather vulgar.

I can already see my friends at the women's rights organisation not liking this.

But here's an example: the MILF Realtors. They have a very interesting way of doing business: "We'll sell your house, or we will give you free blowjobs for a month". As you can see on the picture below, they don't really look like Stifler's mum from American Pie.

They even have a few guys in there for the gay couples who wish to sell their property - broadening the business opportunities, that's what are MILFs are all about.

The lady in black at the far right seems to be pretty excited; she's totally giving you the thumbs up!


  1. Is that even real??

  2. I guess so. I saw other blogs posts about it. It's pretty gross though. I wouldn't wanna be one of these women's son.

  3. Makes me feel like buying a house in the desert then reselling it.