Thursday, 3 December 2009

Japanese really are sick freaks

Ok, Japanese are fucking sick. We all heard about their love hotels, expensive pet hotels or their chocolate baths. But now they've gone beyond any reasonable behaviour. Considering that they are supposed to be the culture of pride, respect and honor - what you're about to see clearly shows the opposite:

They date dolls and actually take them out in public for a nice and lovely picnic. Well, it's a double date, so it's less embarrassing:

Picture from FailBlog (obviously)

And then they get married to video game characters. Talk about having met a geek or two in your life. They had an official ceremony:



  1. Hahaha you know between all my posts on Japanese this tops them all!! What the f***!!!

  2. I know they're really MESSED UP!! At least we could count on them for original and innovative solutions to all the world's problems!

  3. They are idiotic and i hate the race full stop. The murders mostly preyed on british western women performing the most gruesome perversion fulfilling their narcissistic fantasies destroying families are categorically performed by sick japanese men. Killing young girls, putting their shaven heads encased in concrete and letting them rot in baths. They are apsolutely appauling all of them full stop.