Saturday, 19 December 2009

I also wonder...

1) Isn't it unfair that when a two-year old dies s/he goes straight to heaven; and if I die after 25 years of existence I may go to hell?

2) A long time ago, all human acheivements were recorded on paper; now everything is on video. Is video going to replace writing?

3) Is living just waiting to die?

4) Isn't hell more fun than heaven? What's the worse that could happen, you're already dead.

5) Are you responsible for what you can't control (feelings)?

6) Isn't it better to invest less money in fighting drug dealers and more money in rehab institutions?


  1. 1-at least you have a taste of hell , no it' s not...
    2-no smell, writing letters on paper can provide you this...
    3- euh...are u sure you didnt smoke?
    4-who said that dying wasn't fun?
    5-you're always reponsible it depend who' s controlling your brain or ...:)
    6-euh...i' m in the middle of my night and i still don' t know why i' m trying to answer at your questions???

  2. oh!!! ta mis une photo et en plus t bronze!

  3. Ouais, j'ai essayé de mettre une photo où j'ai une tête de gland - je crois que c'est un succès!