Monday, 21 December 2009

Season's greetings from the Modern Dictator

It's Christmas time, yaaay.

You should know: I hate Christmas. I despise it. It bothers me just to be alive during this period.

Originally, Christmas is a religious holiday in which Christians celebrate the birth of their messiah Jesus Christ. Today it has become the most capitalist holiday ever during which you need to spend, buy, purchase, consume and be happy - because if you don't, you're a bad Christian.

I don't hate Christmas because it has become a hypocritical holiday in the 21st century, I hate it because everybody is so "happy". I hate the Christmas attitude. What's wrong with being happy, nice, friendly and generous during the rest of the year? If you walk on the streets, you'll merely encounter numerous charity stands on the pavement begging for money and playing the "it's Christmas, give us some cash or you'll go to hell" card.

I hate the fact of giving and receiving gifts. It's not ANYONE'S birthday as far as I'm concerned; it's Jesus' and he died 2009 years ago. It seems everybody forgot what Christmas is really about: going to Church and praying for your lord to wish him happy birthday. I guess that's too boring for the people and not enough profitable for the economy, so let's turn this holiday into a big over-consumption season and cover it with love so that the Church approves it.

I also hate Christmas decorations, lights, songs and atmosphere - it's all so fake! Everywhere I go there's a Christmas song playing in the background. They even have remix versions with techno, rap and R&B beats. Even more despicable are the dumbass Christmas shows that take place in malls with untalented actors who are so terrible they've been rejected from their own acting class but end up horribly performing on stage in front of a brainless underaged crowd cheering for their hideous act. Not to mention the imbecile joyful attitude of their parents who, if I were in charge, would not even have the right to reproduce.

How about the santa-wannabes dominating the season? It's the only time of year where the overweight, unemployed, talent-less, rejected-from-everywhere family guys finally get a chance to make a couple hundreds of dollars.

Christmas shopping is a horrible task. You are stuck in traffic jam for hours before getting to the mall in order to buy gifts for people you don't even like. It seems that Christmas is all about payback time. You know I'm right because you look at the price tag and say "ufff, no way I'm paying that much for him - he only got me a CD last year". So if you got me a less-than-20$-gift last Christmas, here's a pair of socks you asshole...but don't forget the fake smile, it's Christmas!

Overall, Christmas is all about consumption. Buying more things, offering useless items, showing love with material possessions and greed. All this excessive purchasing behaviour is responsible for the deterioration of our environment. We abuse our available resources in order to turn them into objects that we will probably throw out within 6 months. Producing excessive amounts of food to satisfy our inordinate appetite, traveling by car or plane to visit people you wouldn't usually visit if you weren't pressured by society (Oh my God, you're spending Christmas alone?) and finally using unreasonable amount of energy to light our preposterous Christmas lights. We are probably depleting our natural resources and polluting Earth far more during the Christmas season than the rest of the year.

I blame Christmas for global warming.


  1. first time ever i see xmas and climate change linked in an article. weird!

  2. a bit harsh, but not untrue

  3. First time for me here ... i would have not commented at all about this post if i hadn't read your 'Lebanon' post, so here goes the history lesson for today:
    it is not even Jesus's birthday...jesus was not born on december 25th & all biblical references point to different dates for his birth, some in early fall and others in late spring. celebrating jesus's birth was chosen (by the church) on dec 25th to make dec 25th more religious because it used be a pagan holiday (all saints day was done the same way)
    if you are interested in a well-researched article, i can refer you to
    and (this second one comes with very 'interesting' comments)
    hope u had a nice xmas :) (oh, also: the x in xmas actually comes from Χριστος - which is greek for "christ" ... i always laugh when some people get pissed off bcz they want everyone to celebrate CHRISTmas and not Xmas & they are too ignorant to read - even Wikipedia can confirm that! - that they are the same thing)