Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Iguazu (Argentinian side)

First, to warm up to the area, a cruise on the Paranà river - between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil:

We took a touristic tour - not my favourite thing, but it's the easiest way to visit the region. We stopped on the Paraguayan bank to see the local tribe, the Guarani, dance and perform their religious ceremony. To be honest, it was quite embarrassing - I felt like the rich white tourist watching a freak show.

They looked miserable and unhappy to perform in public...

...especially when everybody is taking pictures and treating them like circus animals.

The world's best architect is without any doubt Nature. The Iguazu falls:

Iguazu even turned gay-friendly:


  1. The Guarani did not look happy at all. Enjoyed your analysis and photos - you would make a great travel reporter!

  2. Hope u r enjoying ur trip you white peace of trash!!! great photos by the way!

  3. loooooool @ the gay-friendly pic. Nice I heard they were much nice to see than Niagara Falls.