Thursday, 21 January 2010


I had no expectations of Uruguay. I didn't know much about it so I was pretty much open to anything.

First stop: Punta del Este. The Miami of South America. Beaches, buildings and glamour everywhere. Only the crème de la crème makes it there for the holidays because it is rather expensive. Local and international celebrities spend their summer vacations there - Shakira was there at the same time as us.

Beautiful sandy beaches.

They have a very interesting advertising system. Instead of distributing flyers to everyone, they put stickers on the cars. And this is the result.

Then, we went to Montevideo - it's a mini Buenos Aires. Nothing special, but seemed to be a very pleasant city to live in - but not to visit as a tourist.

And the last stop was Colonia del Sacramento, north of the country - only 40Km away from Buenos Aires by ferry. It's an amazing small colonial town - it was like traveling back in time. It has tiny paved streets:

Old cars:

Old boats:

And cafés and bars at every corner. It was an amazing place.

Anyway, it's getting late. So I wish you all a good night!


  1. What are you doing there? Nice pics.

  2. I put my life on hold in Switzerland to tour around Latin America and live 6 months in Peru to reorient my career :-)

  3. Hi Fadi... Chris and Johannes here writing from Germany... and Many Greetings from us both...

    Glad you are safely in South America, and by the looks of it having an absolutely fabulous time in Argentina and Uruguay so far... As you said, the photographs are getting better as you go along... some are really fantastic!!!

    A couple of questions for now... How is the learning of the Spanish language going on for you?


    When do you actually start on your journey from Argentina up to Peru... and where do you intend stopping off at en route?

    Many hugs from us both and our thoughts are always with you... Take care and keep safe...