Friday, 22 January 2010

The road to Mendoza

We left Buenos Aires and headed 400km south to Mar del Plata. The not-so-posh destination for Argentinians - in other words, the place where all the populace goes. It's a big city with a beach (Buenos Aires has the river Plata, not the ocean) and it's packed, as you can see below:

We then started to make our way to Mendoza, 1'300km away from there. It was a long way with a rather boring scenery because it is FLAT for 1'299km until we got close to Mendoza and start seeing the Andes. But since we were traveling west, we had a great sunset:

We had to make a stop in Rufino, almost half way. It is one of these weird isolated villages in the middle of the country. The only hotel that was open was the Astur Hotel, lovely...

...and practical, the toilets were inside the shower!

We left in the morning and kept heading west. We stopped for lunch in another small town (approx. 100'000 people) called San Luis, just 300km away from our final destination. It's not really worth talking about, but we found a Syrian-Lebanese association in the center of the city (actually 90% are Lebanese, but they didn't want to leave the Syrians out)!!! We are everywhere. Fact.

In Mendoza now.


  1. Interesting stuff! Loved the picture of the crowded beach, it reminded me of Lebanon. And it was nice of you to mention the Lebanese existence there :)

  2. Fadi is everywhere. Fact

  3. You are our Lebanese ambassador in Latin America!