Friday, 29 January 2010

Mendoza & Chile

The mighty Andes separate Chile from Argentina. On one side Mendoza - the Argentine wine region - on the other, Chile. Three words to describe Mendoza: Sun, wine and mountains. It is a quiet, average-sized, clean, safe and happening city. I have to say that it is my favourite place in Argentina. You have to go there if you visit the country.

We then took the bus for six hours through the Andes, up to 4000 meters high, to get to Santiago de Chile. Amazing scenery, but I was surprised to see that there was almost no snow at that altitude.

We got to Santiago de Chile. I didn't like the city much, I didn't take any pictures and I won't talk about it. We just slept one night there and then headed to Valparaiso, on the Pacific coast. It is an amazing city with British style houses, bohemian atmosphere, coloured buildings and a great view of the ocean. Wonderful place.

We currently are in San Pedro de Atacama; the driest and most arid desert on Earth. It has a very unusual landscape. Soon pictures will come.


  1. This is really interesting! Looking forward for your next set of pics.

  2. j' aime bien cette partie c'est vraiment beau! cote paysage c'est je croit de loin t plus belles photos pour l' instant.
    bon si ca t' interesse tu peut uploader tes photo dans une taille plus grande parceque c dommage de les voir si petite.
    settings- puis global settings updated editor...
    ah et toi dans les toilettes j'adore!