Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Gastronomic Victory

This is my second attempt for a flag recommendation for Lebanon. I feel so ignored, and I hate that.

I'll try again. Since Lebanon seemed to be competing with Israel regarding our respective gastronomic skills, in particular the Hommos/Hummus, here is what we could totally do to win the war, make this flag official:

In your face Israel. We win.

It's actually a Brazilian website that decided to make the flags of some twelve gastronomically important countries - not you, Israel - or maybe it's just some flags that were easy to do because I don't think Australia has an actual cuisine. Some are pretty cool: France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, etc. Check it out.


  1. They should have put Hummus instead of plain bread. It looks nice but not yummy!

  2. I thought that was Hummus! It's nice to know the source of this pic as I have seen it a lot before.