Sunday, 2 May 2010

I had a blast in Beirut

There are many similarities between Lebanon and Peru. People live almost the same the way in both countries, which is one of the main reasons I'm loving it here. Well except for the poor people - our poor people are far more glamorous.

I sometimes feel like a stranger in my own country, and I realize how stupid we can be, unfortunately.

Though we still beat them at superficiality, we actually beat the whole world at that.

1) Our beloved license plates: 

2) Golden numbers (mind you, there also is silver and platinum numbers now):

I also noticed that we share a similar problem: danger.

In Peru, earthquakes could occur at anytime as the country is located in a very seismic zone. We've been actually having a few small ones lately (4.7'' richter's scale only) because apparently April was the month of the "temblores" as they call them. But Peruvians are prepared for that and you can see this sign everywhere:

In Lebanon, we also have an "unpredictable" recurrent problem: bombs and wars. But I don't think we are prepared for it. There are no warning signs! I never know if I am in a bomb-proof place or not. This is why I am about to change that.

The main location would be our rooftop bars in Beirut. In Peru for example, you will not encounter a rooftop bar because it is too dangerous in case of an earthquake. Whereas in Lebanon, after 2005, rooftop bars flourished all over the country, because they are safer in a case of a bomb blast.

For that reason, I think that all of our rooftop bars should be equipped with the following sign:

And in three languages of course, because we are so much cooler than other countries.


  1. Man I really wonder where you get your ideas from...

  2. I LOve it Fadi!!! This is hilarious!

  3. LOL I want this sign in blue :)