Friday, 14 May 2010

My new job: trend launcher

I just realized that I launched a trend: helping the poor of Peru, or as I like to call them: the PoPs.

Stars from all over the world go to South East Asia and Africa to help the poor, leaving South America unattended by the medias.

Then I got here and provided poor Peruvians with the glamour they desperately needed. Though it seems that my performance made some jealous up North and one of my fellow celebrity-friends is now in Lima.

I'm confused between being proud of my new Trend-launcher job and being jealous.

Look who is trying to imitate me:

Such a bad picrute by the way. Ewan, you want the kids to look at the camera, not you!

I know these kids, get your hands off them Ewan McGregor! They're mine, I'm helping them! I've been trying to get my pictures with these poor, sad and unhappy kids for almost 4 months now, and you stole my thunder in just a few minutes with your fake Hollywood looks and lame ass UNICEF T-shirt.

Fuck you Ewan.


  1. Don't let him man... don't let him get into the mind of the Pops.. I'm afraid your popularity fades away there.

  2. Even McGregor must being doing yet another "motor bike" tour with Charlie Borman for TV and DVD from South America to North America, which I understand will be called the "The Long Way Up", following on from "The Long Way Round" and "The Long Way Down"...

    On those other tours they have done, they have stopped off in various places in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa and have put on their so called "UNICEF" hats on for cute photo shoots from time to time, like these with your PoPs in Lima...

    No one really takes any notice of them...but I would suggest getting your photo done with your PoPs quite soon and then making a DVD of your whole time in South America and release before they release theirs....

    Then you will have beaten them in telling the world that the PoPS will really be YOURS !!!

  3. It's the tattoo that stole the thunder not Ewan! Show the tattoo man and they will worship you!

  4. Ah yes it's true; they're looking at his tattoo, i hadn't notice that! PoPs never commented anything about my tattoo though, it sucks.

    I know what to do before leaving Peru: a big tattoo. I'll show it to you when I get back to Leb.

  5. yeah F...K Ewan!!!! We want Fadi from LebnanWOOood!!!!!WEAR A T SHIRT FADI!!!!