Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Another useless record

We did it again. 

This time Lebanon has made the biggest flag in the world - a total of 65'650 m2 of material to celebrate the army's 65th birthday. The area of the cedar at the centre of the flag measures 10,452 square metres (a reference to Lebanon's total area - 10'452 Km2).

I was actually going to dedicate this post to making fun of the Lebanese Air Force and say that they only have 1 plane and 2 helicopters. But turns out that according to the Wikipedia page of the L.A.F, we have about 8 planes and 62 helicopters. That's not great, but that's more than enough to make my joke pointless.

This flag was a private initiative from a certain Ashraf Makerem who probably wanted to have his name in the Guinness Book as well as making a good impression in front of the Lebanese Army because, no doubt, he needs something in return.

Lebanese people have had the most absurd ideas of record breaking achievements lately, how about we break the record for something more useful like: the biggest dam in the Middle East to control our water flow, the largest Cedar tree plantation in the world (because we have a Cedar tree on our flag, but we probably have like a 100 of them nationwide),  a somehow unique seaside train from tripoli to Sidon, the biggest clean-up movement to clean our coast (it's disgusting, that's why people go to the pool) and last but not least: 24-hour electricity - this way we can go on the Guinness Book and have a useful outcome of it (well the last recommendation would be an achievement for the Lebanese version of the Guinness Book only).

But I'm guessing the next Guinness move for Lebanon: biggest shawarma ever, biggest night club, the longest power cut in the world and of course the heaviest traffic jam in the history of the world (say 3 hours to drive about 20 Km).

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