Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Typical autumn

I took a walk in the nearby park today in order to celebrate the official arrival of autumn. I use to consider this season particularly depressing as it takes summer away and throws winter in our faces. But, as I was wandering around the Parc des Bastion today, I fell in love with autumn. 

Students smoking something totally legal in the park

The shades of dead leaves on the ground are stunning making a perfectly harmonious transition from summer to winter. The temperature is good enough to allow a pleasant walk outdoors and enjoy these colourful images.

Crowded open-air bars close their doors in what could be seen as a sad event, though the autumny set makes it look natural and acceptable.

Chestnuts fall off the trees and fill the ground with little balls that passersby to kick as they walk.

The dead leaves just make you want to throw yourself in them.

My enchanting moment in the park has been interrupted by a friendly - yet unfriendly-looking - Jehovah's Witness who was trying to warn me that the Kingdom of God will be waiting for me in the afterlife. I know I could have totally ignored her, but I was curious as to what she had to say - and I had time.

I gave her my views about God and religions and she ended up giving me this brochure about atheism and why it's bad. As I got home, I opened the book and discovered that the little four-eyed walking bible had quietly sneaked a copy of the November issue of the Jehovah's booklet "WathchTower, announcing Jehovah's Kingdom" entitled "five secrets of contentment".

Do they really think this strategy works on non-poor, non-hopeless, non-desperate people?

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