Thursday, 22 October 2009

Grow the fuck up!!!

Oh come on Mika, how old are you?! Did you see your new album cover? Did you ACTUALLY approve it?! I mean were you on acid or something, because it looks shit! All these colors and drawings...what, are you 8?

I mean we understand it for your first cover. It was cool, it was different, kind of confusing like you "part American, part Lebanese, grew up in Paris and London and now lost between shagging men or omen" was You:

But now you have NO excuse to make such a terrible album cover. You grew up and you got more mature, you're actually smart...change your style, especially when the initial one wasn't THAT impressive.

But also, what the fuck is wrong with you?!? Are you a kid, an adult or a Michael Jackson's reincarnation? Look at the title of the songs in your new album:

1) Blame it on the girls (sounds gay to me); Good gone girls (still pretty gay); One foot boy and Toy boy (is that even legal?). What I understand from that is that, a) you're a queer and b) you like kids...sexually! It won't be long before someone accuses you of child molestation. Man, you have twice the word "girls" and twice the word "boy"; actually three times if we count the album's title The boy that knew too much.

2) Touches you. Dude, you got a cartoon-covered album - stop being such a PERV!

3) Pick up off the floor. What is it you want them to pick up? The sex toys or the Jesus Juice?

Mika, a message from Lebanese to Lebanese: You're a smart talented guy, ACT LIKE IT!


  1. Mika is just weird

  2. i just recently heard of mika.... his music sounds really happy...but ummm...its kind of awkward he represent lebanese to the world :S